RA Meeting: September 5, 2019

Minutes from the RA’s March meeting, held at Heslam Park on Thursday, September 5, 2019.

PRESENT: Rob Atkin, Andy Pontin, John Borrill, Dave Babski, Andy Farr, Pete Drayton, Mark Wordsworth, Lucas Hunsley, Louis Stamp, Neil Birkitt, Kev Booth, David Chabe, John Buss, Jez Hyke, Wayne Fitter, David Raines, David Lloyd, Sam Keohane, James Needham, Alfie Shipstone, Ashley Betts, Luke Senescall.

APOLOGIES: Kev Allen, Harry Atkin, Amy Barber, Darrell Bright, Ryan Coulson, Stephen Farrow, Robbie Hall, Wayne Mason, James Moody, Ethan Nundy, Jenny Pullen, Jack Snowden, John McPolland, Lewis Bell, Oscar Slater.

GUEST: Keith Dixon, John Mulhall, Paul Clixby, Mark Woolley.




  • Membership at 54, with 12 renewals on the night.
  • Newly qualified referees now get free membership.
  • RA membership is due from 1st September 2019. Those that paid before the conclusion of this meeting were eligible for two tickets to the England U21 match being played at the KCOM on Monday 10th September.
    • Winner of draw was Andy Farr.


  • Rob took us all through the new LAW AMENDMENTS for 2019/20 season.


  • Jack Kalson League
    • Meeting next week
  • Saturday League
    • Starts this weekend
  • Sunday League
    • Started last weekend (except one fixture in August)
    • Putting up nets are now responsibility of ‘Home’ clubs
      • allow time to check these are adequately put up before kick offs
      • ensure we are supporting clubs as much as we can!
    • Sportsmanship marks reminder to Andy Pontin please!
  • Lincolnshire League
    • Challenge and Supplementary Cups rules not in handbook. These have been sent out via email.
  • County FA
    • First meeting next week
  • Other
    • Gainsborough Sunday League need refs for next couple of weekends
      • Ensure Scunthorpe games are covered first!


  • None

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