RA Meeting: October 3, 2019

Minutes from the RA’s March meeting, held at Heslam Park on Thursday, October 3, 2019.

PRESENT: Rob Atkin, Andy Pontin, John Borrill, Andy Farr, Pete Drayton, Mark Wordsworth, John Buss, James Needham, Ashley Betts, Luke Senescall, Otis Arya, Ethan Andrew-Freeston, Kev Allen, Ryan Boult, Darrell Bright, Ryan Coulson, Stephen Farrow, Robbie Hall, Wayne Mason, Ethan Nundy, Jack Snowden, Lucas Hunsley.

APOLOGIES: Dave Babski, Louis Stamp, Kev Booth, Jez Hyke, David Raines, Harry Atkin, Kev Clark, Lee Cox, James Moody, Jenny Pullen, John McPolland, Paul Toplass, Oscar Slater.

GUEST: None.




  • We heard the news that Life Member, Ken Stones, had sadly passed away. Rob paid tribute to him and we held a moments silence in his memory.


  • Jack Kalson League
    • Games are well covered (except Sundays)
    • Clubs further out in the region have been offered £5 towards expenses (20+ miles) and are able to claim this through the league
  • Saturday League
    • Struggling to cover games
    • Communications and correspondence is poor
  • Sunday League
    • A team has resigned already – FAC
    • All games covered so far
    • Reminder to get sportsmanship marks to Andy Pontin
  • Lincolnshire League
    • Terry is on holiday
    • NCEL have taken a lot of promotion candidates during the month. These referees should be given middles, not lines!
  • County FA
    • Referee’s Committee appointed. Andy Farr appointed, Reg has stepped down
    • Board has been reduced
    • Observers meeting on Monday 7th October
  • Other
    • None


  • Iber Cup Experience – presentation by Ethan Nundy


  • Non-league Finals Day at Wembley – looking to go again in May – details to be advised in due course
  • Refs footy match – U25’s v O25’s at the end of the season
  • RA dinner – theme/ideas welcome!


  • Christmas Draw tickets are now available – please sell, sell, sell!!!


  • Sin bins – have they been used yet?
    • Several people have used it and found it to be a useful tool on the field as a deterrant and helps game management
  • 4 red cards issued in one match recently
  • Evidence provided to the Police for incidents in a game last season in the Gainsborough league!
  • Referee assault at multi-cultural tournament
    • FA and Lincs FA investigating
  • Teacher/coach at school game reported for misconduct


  • FA Vase 1st Round
  • FA Trophy Preliminary Round
  • 1st Lincs league middle!

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