RA Meeting: December 5, 2019

Minutes from the RA’s March meeting, held at Heslam Park on Thursday, December 5, 2019.

PRESENT: Rob Atkin, John Borrill, Andy Farr, Pete Drayton, James Needham, Otis Arya, Ethan Andrew-Freeston, Ryan Boult, Darrell Bright, Ryan Coulson, Robbie Hall, Wayne Mason, Ethan Nundy, Harry Atkin, Jack Snowden, James Moody, Oscar Slater, Jonathan Walker, John Buss, Sam Keohane, Mr Keohane, Amy Barber, Shemakay Own, Isaac Martin, Paul Toplass, Mark Wordsworth, Jez Hyke, Mark Wooley, Louis Stamp, Lucas Hunsley.

APOLOGIES: Dave Babski, Andy Pontin, Kev Allen, Neil Birkitt, Kev Booth, Lee Cox, John McPolland, Ashley Betts.

GUEST: None.


None to add. Just emails that have been circulated by Andy Pontin: 

– 1) Grimsby RA meetings (7pm) at Bradley sports centre: Monday 6th January 2020 – Martin Atkinson is the guest speaker and Monday 3rd February 2020 – EFL AR Declan Ford is the guest speaker. 


  • Membership at 30
  • Newly qualified referees now get free membership.
    • RA membership is due!
  • Heslam Park membership expired on the 1st November – £3 to renew to get reduction at the bar!


  • Jack Kalson League
    • No matters reported
  • Saturday League
    • No matters reported
  • Sunday League
    • No matters reported
    • Reminder to get sportsmanship marks to Andy Pontin
  • Lincolnshire League
    • No matters reported
  • County FA
    • CORRECTION – New chairman of the referees committee – Andy Farr
  • Other
    • No matters reported


  • Christmas draw. Good turnout, well done to everyone who sold tickets. All prizes collected or to be distributed.


  • Non-league Finals Day at Wembley – looking to go again in May – date confirmed as Sunday 17th May 2020. Planning around this will be discussed closer to the time.
  • Refs footy match – U25’s v O25’s at the end of the season. Proposed date: Friday 15th May 2020.
  • RA dinner – Friday 29th May 2020. Looking to save money by not printing paper tickets. It is worth looking into using “Eventbrite” for e-tickets or just having a guest list instead.


  • Please support Andy Pontin who is performing in “Heatstroke” at the Plowright Theatre from Tuesday 14th to Saturday 18th of January 2020. BOGOF, 2 tickets for £12 until early January. Tickets normally £12 each.
  • Merry Christmas


  • No matters reported.


  • Good luck to all referees with upcoming County cup appointments.

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