Whether your dream is to officiate at the World Cup final or a County Cup Final, the promotion scheme has been designed to help you get there.

We wish to encourage all referees to aim at achieving an improvement in their performance level and are keen to support all aspiring referees who wish to apply for advancement within the county promotion system.

The promotion season for referees runs from 1 August to 30 June in any given season and is open to referees who are 16 or over and have completed a minimum of 20 games of open age football as a referee. 

Your application must be received no later than 31 July of any given year and you can apply for promotion via the Lincolnshire County FA website. This is the only application method that will be accepted.

For further information on the Promotion Scheme in Lincolnshire, contact Referee Development Officer (RDO) Michael Brader by calling 0344 967 0708 or by emailing michael.brader@lincolnshirefa.com.

Criteria for entering the Promotion Scheme

The Lincolnshire County FA sets their own criteria for their officials to enter the promotion scheme, which is based on the FA’s guidance.

See below for relevant guarantees and guidance at each specific level.

Enhanced Promotion

There are a few occasions when a referee is capable of gaining promotion from Level 7 to Level 5 in one season, or from Level 6 to Level 4.

To achieve this, the referee must satisfy all the requirements for promotion from the first level (either 7-6 or 6-5) during the period 1st July to 31st November and then satisfy all the requirements for promotion from the next step (either 6-5 or 5-4) during the period 1st December to 31st May in the same promotion season.

To be considered for enhanced promotion the Referee must apply for promotion as above but in addition write a covering letter to support their application for enhanced promotion to The Referee Development Officer, before the 31st July.

No candidates will be considered for enhanced promotion unless a letter has been received. The promotion committee will make the final decision to the suitability of enhanced promotion candidates.

Fitness Testing

We welcome all promotion candidates to attempt The FA fitness test, however this is not a requirement of your Level 7- 6 promotion.

It is a mandatory requirement at Lincolnshire County FA to attempt a fitness test when applying for promotion from Level 6 to Level 5, but you are not required to pass this.

Any candidates aspiring for promotion to Level 4 are required to successfully pass The FA Fitness Test achieving 2600m in a run of 12 continuous minutes which is followed by two 50m sprints, each of which need to be completed in 7.5 seconds or less.

Please note you will only be permitted two attempts at the fitness test.

Promotion from Level 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

Lincolnshire County FA oversee the promotion process up to Level 4.

For promotions to level 4, LFA nominate, the final decision is that of The FA. Promotion through these levels is controlled by the FA and is dependent on observations and undertaking an enhanced fitness test.

Observation Forms

Each level has its own bespoke criteria and hence its own observation form. To take a look at each of them, see below.