Mentoring Scheme to be launched

The Scunthorpe Referee’s Association are delighted to announce that a new mentoring scheme is set to be launched in the next couple of weeks.

Specially designed to help referees at all levels get to the next level, the support and guidance will be available to all of our members should it be required.

So whether it is refereeing your first ever matches on the Jack Kalson League, taking that next step to men’s football, or entering the promotion scheme, we have different pathways to suit all referees.

For those already on the pathway to promotion, we have bespoke plans in place to aid you from Level 7 right through to Level 4, if that’s where you’d like to go as a referee, giving you guidance, feedback and moral support in each stage of your refereeing career.

The Mentors…

The mentors will be made up of current referees who have “been there and done that”. They’ve started in the Jack Kalson leagues, they made the step up to men’s football, they joined the promotion scheme and the majority are now at the end of our proposed pathway.

This means they themselves have had many learning curves, many highs and many lows as a referee and most importantly… they know EXACTLY what you’re going through.

Register your interest…

Any referee can take advantage of this new mentoring scheme, with the only caveat being that you must be a Scunthorpe Referee’s Association member. What else does it cost you? Absolutely nothing!

It doesn’t matter where you are on the refereeing pathway currently, if you want to develop yourself as a referee, get in touch!

You can get in touch by DMing our Facebook page, or by emailing

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