Meet the Referee: Robbie Hall

We continue our feature looking at the members of the Scunthorpe Referee’s Association and their career as a match official.

The latest featured Scunthorpe Referee’s Association member is Robbie Hall, who is one of the associations newly promoted Level Four officials.

Beginning his refereeing career in 2014, he joined the promotion scheme three years later and has enjoyed three back-to-back rises through the levels which will see him taking charge of matches in Northern Counties and the West Yorkshire League in 2020-21.

Adding to his interview advice for younger referees, he said: “You’re going to have tough games, games that are hard to manage, games that make you question why you do this in the first place, but honestly those are the games you learn the most from – both in terms of you as a person and you as a referee.

“Looking back, I wouldn’t swap any of my tough games for a less challenging one as they helped me become the referee I am now. Don’t let the difficult games bog you down because I guarantee that the next game will be better, and if the same situation arises again, you now know how to or how not to deal with it!

“I know I’m going to have tough and challenging games in the future, but that just means I’m going to have more opportunities to develop myself!”

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