Meet the Referee: Dave Babski

We kick-off a brand new feature on our website and on social media, engaging in a question and answer interview with our members.

We begin with President of the Scunthorpe Referee’s Association Dave Babski, who had a long an illustrious career as a match official. He reached Level 3 as a referee, but it was as an assistant where he would ply his trade, attaining his FIFA badge and officiating in the 1999 FA Cup Final.

Dave, who was an active match official for over 30 years, is now an assistant referee coach in the Championship and regularly attends second tier matches to watch two of the 35 Championship list assistants in action. 

Babski explains: “My role is to coach and advise my 35 assistant referees, with the aim of raising the overall standard across the group, and hopefully providing a succession of assistant referees capable of being promoted to the Premier League. I will talk to the match officials before and after the game, but where my true value is felt is the post-match video analysis and feedback, which is in incredible detail for both assistants.

“Nothing pleases me more than seeing an assistant referee I’ve worked with either receiving a plumb appointment or a further promotion (Premier League or FIFA).”

See below his full interview, which has been published on the public Scunthorpe Referee’s Association Facebook page.

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