The Whole Game System allows Match Officials to submit reports electronically directly to the relevant County FA without the need to use email, via the referee reporting portal.

Referees can now submit the following reports through the Whole Game System for both League Matches and Non Competitive Matches:

  • Cautions.
  • Send Offs.
  • Misconduct.

Referees who submit their Cautions and Send Offs through the Whole Game System – do not need to send their reports by any other method. They will receive an automatic response that they have submitted their reports, from the Whole Game System.

Under FA Regulations, Match Officials are responsible for reporting all forms of misconduct from matches to the relevant authority within 2 working days of the match.

Courtesy of the FA / Hunts FA


How do I access the Whole Game System?
To access the Whole Game System you will need to know your FAN and Password, the Login Page can be found here.

Where do I submit discipline reports in the Whole Game System?
You will need to use your FAN and password to access the Whole Game System Portal. When you have entered your details you will access your Dashboard from when you will need to move to your Referee Dashboard (by following the Referee tab).

What if my game isn’t showing on my Referee Dashboard?
You will be able to ‘Create a Match’ by using the pitch icon on the left hand side of the screen.

What if I do not know the names of the teams I was refereeing?
It is most important that you confirm before the game which two teams you are refereeing, including any age bands and suffixes. The more precise you can be with your reporting the easier it will be for your reports to be processed.

What should I do if the name of the player I intend to report is not shown in the Player drop-down box?
The system will allow you to enter a new name in this situation; first name, followed by surname. As you will understand it is important that spelling is as precise as possible.

How do I know if my report has been submitted?
You will see on your Referee Dashboard confirmation of any reports sent and will be able to print off a PDF record should you so wish. It is imperative that you check that all reports have been submitted successfully to ensure that they can be appropriately processed.

How do I report misconduct?
Misconduct reports can be submitted through the Whole Game System by completing an ‘Extraordinary Report’.