2020-21 Referee Promotions

A big congratulations to all of our match officials who have been promoted following the conclusion of the 2020-21 campaign.

Scunthorpe Referee’s Association recorded a total of seven promotions across their members with the group of officials were still rewarded for their hard work during the course of the year.

A year on from the record-breaking numbers of newly promoted Level 4 officials in Lincolnshire – six of the 14 promoted coming from this area – Scunthorpe this year saw a number of officials continue their journey with all four officials promoted from 6-5 achieving their 7-6 just 12 months ago.

Level 6-5
Oliver Munday
Shemakay Own
Jonathan Walker
Mark Wordsworth

Level 7-6
Dawid Chabe
William Norris
John Spouncer

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